Art Lab: Winter Wonderland

Before school let out for Winter Break, I wanted to do a fun art lesson with the students. I searched for some wintery art activities on Pinterest and came across some interesting ones. I tried out some art projects and had some trial and error with them.

For the first art experiment, I used masking tape to make a border and some trees, then used watercolour across the whole page. While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled some salt to create a texture. The instructions called for kosher salt, but I only had table salt at home, so the effect didn’t turn out as well as I wanted.

The next step was to rip off the masking tape, and even though I taped it on my jeans before using it to make it less sticky, it still damaged the paper. So, I scraped this idea.


I still wanted to incorporate some watercolour elements into my art activity for the class, so instead of using that damaging masking tape, I substituted it with crayons instead for the second art experiment. The oil in the crayons allowed the watercolour to separate from it, creating a fun effect that the students found fascinating.


After taking some notes and trying it out with both white and coloured crayons, I made two postcards to be used as samples for the class.


Since I won’t be seeing the students over Winter Break, I thought it would be fun to make postcards of what they would be doing over the break. And luckily, I still had some remaining blank postcards left over in my arts and crafts drawer.


The students had a great time drawing their own postcards, and for those that finished early, they could write a message on the back – just like a real postcard. After that, they put them into the class mailbox. I look forward to experimenting and doing more art activities like this!


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