Los Angeles Series: Universal Studios

Last winter break, we went to Universal Studios in Florida, and this year, we celebrated Christmas Day at the one in Los Angeles. Although some of the rides were similar, it was still just as amazing – if not even more so – than last year because good company equals good times (and I don’t have a great memory, so it’s like going on these rides for the first time)!




Fortunately, we left our hotel early so we were able to get through most of the rides without waiting for too long. I think the most we waited for was the Studio Tour, and the wait itself was much better than the wait times we had last year in Florida for most of the rides.


Aside from the fun simulation rides and whatnot, we also watched a few shows. We had a splash at WaterWorld (literally), learnt cool movie magic and behind-the-scenes works at the Special Effects show, met some Hollywood stars at the Animal Actors show, and of course, went on the Studio Tour around Universal Studios. All the shows were spectacular and I am extremely glad and grateful that I was able to watch these amazing presentations. I would highly recommend that everyone take some time (and rest!) from walking around and going on the rides to watch these shows –  you will not be disappointed!

We were also able to see Whoville and celebrate it with some Whos. We caught a live show from the best Who boy band and had a great time enjoying the lively A capella singing. We met some great characters and took pictures with them, such as my favourite Mr. Grinch and his dog, Max, Scooby Doo, Marge, and an evil minion. Along the way, we also saw Sideshow Bob, Spongebob Squarepants, the girls from Despicable Me, and a dinosaur.



The decoration was also very admirable. I love all the little details put into making the place as festive as can be.




We had a great time and I look forward to going to more Universal Studios around the world with B!


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