Los Angeles Series: Winter Beaches

On the third and last day of our trip to Los Angeles, we didn’t really have much of a plan, except to just enjoy our time (and soaking up the sunny, warm weather) before heading back to the polar opposite weather in Seattle and Vancouver. Since we went to Santa Monica Beach during our long one day layover last year in Los Angeles, we decided to check out Venice Beach this time, and then head on over to Santa Monica Beach afterwards.


On our walk from Venice to Santa Monica Beach, we took lots of pictures as the scenery was just too gorgeous not to. We wrote in the sand with the sound of waves in front of us and the soft sand beneath our shoes.





A funny thing happened after we started walking away from our “masterpieces” on the beach – a girl and her family walked up to our writings and took a look at them. The girl saw the “draw something with me!” writing that I had left along with the stick, and I overheard her saying “let’s draw something!” I felt so proud as if I started something… but I know that high tide will simply wash it away in a couple hours. Still, it was great to be a “trendsetter” (in a way, anyways).


It was a very relaxing, therapeutic, and fun day at the beach, as well as a great way to end our trip.


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