Food Travel: Los Angeles Series

Usually, when B and I travel, we end up not having proper meals until dinner time since we want to savour our limited time on our trips as much as possible experiencing different things. However, who knew that we would be able to experience something surprising and shocking during our dinner on our first night in Los Angeles?

We went to Jinya Ramen in Studio City and asked for indoor seats instead of the outdoor seating area as it was cold outside. We received our food fairly quickly, and after taking pictures for the blog and social media, we started eating. Not even ten minutes into the meal when we suddenly heard a loud sound from outside and saw water spraying down at the people eating in the outdoor seating area; The sprinkler had gone off for no reason. There was no real emergency, but the fire truck arrived on the scene shortly after. The people who got sprayed on freshened up in the washroom and lots of towels were brought out for others. It was a very hectic situation, and I felt extremely bad for the people working at the restaurant having to deal with this unexpected situation… and on Christmas Eve no less!




For breakfast the next day, we had a typical breakfast dish off the menu at our hotel’s restaurant before departing for Universal Studios.



For lunch, we left Universal Studios to head over to CityWalk for more options, and chose to eat at one of Wolfgang Puck’s many restaurants in Los Angeles.



For dinner on our second day, we went to Bubba Gump. We also went to Bubba Gump last year when we were in Orlando with our friends for a winter trip. That day, our meal was fine. But, this time, it was anything but.

We had their popcorn shrimp for appetizer, and instead of all shrimp, there was bell peppers. Who deep fries bell peppers? I did not enjoy that very much – especially the green bell peppers. B did not like his dish as well and compared it to the bland and dry chicken burger we had at Disney last year, which is quite an achievement as that was one of the worst things we had ever ate.




We had both watched a BuzzFeed video that featured steak in Los Angeles, and one of the restaurants that they featured on the least expensive side was Uncle John’s Cafe and their Steak and Eggs dish. So, for our last meal in Los Angeles, that’s where we went for brunch. B tried their Steak and Eggs, and I had their lunch time special that included chow mein, fried rice, and sweet and sour pork. Honestly, I was disappointed since the BuzzFeed video made such a grand show of how good the food was, yet the only thing that was alright was the chow mein. But, the waitress for our table was really friendly and outgoing!



I guess we’ve just been spoiled by all the good food that’s available in Vancouver that it’s hard to expect anything less from other well-populated cities.


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