Review Session | January 2017

This is the first review of my New Years Resolution that I have set for the year, and I think that I’ve done an overall good job so far.

  1. Get to know someone better in my cohort program. I have tried getting past my comfort level and making an effort to work with different people, as well as striking up conversations with those that I don’t talk to or see as often.
  2. Reach out to other people from other cohorts. From a Math Conference that I went to recently, I saw another Teacher Candidate from our buddy school and made some small talk. Whenever I see her around the building, I also try to bravely say hello.
  3. Establish and maintain relationships with my instructors. I have definitely made an effort to talk to my instructors more, especially when I get to class early. It’s nice to learn something about them, as well as the other way around where they learn something about me.
  4. Create a fun and safer learning environment for my practicum class. Recently, I did a lesson that required the students to reflect and write down their opinions in a journal. During writing time, the students were very quiet as they worked, which I believe created a safer learning environment for everyone as they were able to concentrate and write down their opinions without worrying about others’ opinions of them.
  5. Create work that I am proud of. I feel that the latest synthesis assignment that I did wasn’t too bad. I spent a lot of time coming up with all the creative components (eg. design, content) that I am satisfied with it. I say satisfied because later on after I had already submitted it, I looked over it again and noticed that there were two spelling and grammar mistakes on the same page. Nevertheless, I have learnt from that to do better proof-reading from now on – no matter how short the writing is!

For February, I hope to get to know more people, as well as get to better know those that I already work with a lot. I also want to create more thoughtful lesson plans for my students that incorporates topics of social justice.


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