My 23rd Birthday Weekend

This past Saturday was my birthday and B braved through the sudden snowfall in Vancouver from Seattle to celebrate it with me, which I am very grateful for. We went to Miku for lunch, which was delicious as always.




Appetizer: Nutrigreens Farm Tofu Salad


Appetizer: Ebi Fritter


Entrée: Soba Peperoncino


Entrée: Sake Soy Braised Obie Brazier


Aburi Oshi Sushi: Salmon Oshi Sushi and Ebi Oshi Sushi

Afterwards, we went to the mall and B got me a new charm for my bracelet. It is from the Travel series and is two half hearts that says “I want to travel the world” on the outside and “with you” on the inside.


I also received a very thoughtful and nostalgic present: a photo book of our first 1000 days (see Featured Image for this post). In it has our pictures from our first date, our winter trips in Victoria, Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, and pictures with our friends as well. It recounts of all the fun adventures we’ve been on and the amazing places we went to together. B really topped his game from last year – it’ll be hard to beat it for next year!

Afterwards, we went to watch the movie, Hidden Figures. We saw a trailer of it while in Seattle at the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them showing, and it seemed really interesting, so I’m happy that we got to watch it. The movie has been nominated for and won many awards, and rightly so for its historical portrayal of three amazing African-American women who propelled NASA forward – in both the space race and the racist segregation during its time.

After the movie, we went to grab dinner at none other than my favourite ramen place downtown – Kintaro! I had my usual Miso Ramen, and B got the same thing. We also had gyoza to start. The ramen was delicious as always and it was the perfect meal to end the night on – especially because it started snowing/raining again and we had some warm comfort food.



On Sunday, we went to a breakfast buffet with our friends and it was really nice to see them again! It felt like a long time since we last saw each other! We went our separate ways after breakfast since they had plans after lunch, so B and I went to watch another movie, which was La La Land.

I didn’t know what to expect because I didn’t read the synopsis online before watching it, but I’m glad I didn’t because it made me that much more focused on the movie. The movie had a nice pace, nice songs, and nice wardrobe. But above all, the ending was really nice, albeit bittersweet. We walked around afterwards before getting dinner at Morak, a Korean restaurant, nearby. Although the side dishes were alright, the spiciness of the soup was just right.



Kimchi Tofu Soup

We left for the station where B had to go take the bus back to Seattle after eating, and I always dislike this part. But, I can’t complain because we were able to see each other and spend another unforgettable weekend together. I already can’t wait for the next time we see each other!


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