Review Session | February 2017

How time flies! February has been a relatively busy month. I got a lot done this month, but I feel that I didn’t get to check off some of the things I had set out to do in my New Years Resolution. But, let’s take a look first.

  1. Get to know someone better in my cohort program. I think I slacked off in this department this month as we are all gearing up for our extended practicum, so I have been working with people that I am already comfortable with since I wanted to get my work done. Although it was very effective and efficient, I feel that I should work with others more as other people may have great ideas that the same people who work together may not.
  2. Reach out to other people from other cohorts. Unfortunately, I did not get to know other people from outside my cohort this month because I have not exactly been social in terms of attending social events or deviating from my usual group that I eat with at lunch. It is intimidating when I have to meet new people by myself – especially more so when it is a group versus an individual. But, I think I will try to break this by doing it one step a time, such as inviting a friend that I feel comfortable with to go meet new people together.
  3. Establish and maintain relationships with my instructors. Now that our courses are slowly finishing, I don’t think I was able to leave a big or impressionable impact on some of my instructors. But, with the instructors that we still have a greater and longer connection with, I hope I will be able to leave a good, memorable impression before the extended practicum.
  4. Create a fun and safer learning environment for my practicum class. I have definitely gained more skills and awareness in this department after my lesson observation from my Faculty and School Advisor. There were some things that I was not aware of or considered, but after this observation, I was able to review and reflect on my actions and, hopefully, be able to utilize the feedback for my next lesson!
  5. Create work that I am proud of. Recently, I created a Research Package with two of my colleagues and I tried something new for the “Table of Contents.” Instead of keeping it traditional and conservative with the literal table of contents, I switched it up into a web of contents. Although this only took up one page, I was still very proud of my work since I thought it was very innovative.

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