Food Travel: Milk & Eggs

My friend took me to a new cafe in Richmond called Milk & Eggs after raving about how cute and yummy their desserts were. When we got to the cafe, instead of just ordering dessert, we shared a Lemongrass Chicken with Rice between the two of us (we had too much Mongolian Hot Pot at lunch earlier, so we decided to skip dinner). The chicken was alright, but I think the main star of this dish was the rice. Or it could be that I was just really hungry and craving carbs.


I tried their Rose Ice Cream and my friend had a float. The ice cream had a light, fragrant rose flavouring, and it came on top a bed of cereal. I tried to eat all the cereal first, but found that eating it with the ice cream helped with the dry, crunchiness of it. There was also a strawberry and a mint leaf. I preferred the mint leaf over all the other “accessories” that the ice cream came with – it was very refreshing.




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