Review Session | March 2017

The beginning of March feels like such a long time ago because of how busy I’ve been since Spring Break. I worked, got sick, lesson planned, prepped, taught, and a whole bunch of other miscellaneous things. It’s been busy and I don’t think it’s going to stop until summer time.

  1. Get to know someone better in my cohort program. I didn’t really get to get to know anyone better in my cohort program because we only had two weeks of classes together before Spring Break. But, I did get to know people at work better, which was nice!
  2. Reach out to other people from other cohorts. I really need to work on this more. Since it’s harder to connect with people face-to-face now because everyone is on their extended practicum, I should utilize social media platforms more. I’ve been trying to use Twitter more often, but I think the Facebook group might be better.
  3. Establish and maintain relationships with my instructors. This will probably have to be picked up again when classes start in the summer time.
  4. Create a fun and safer learning environment for my practicum class. Although sometimes I wonder if I am being too stern on the students, both my School Advisors say that it will help myself and the kids later on as I’ve established my expectations on them. So, this is the way to a fun and safer learning environment, and I just have to keep working at it.
  5. Create work that I am proud of. I tried something new for teaching measurement, specifically using non-standard measurement tools (eg. Unifix cubes, paper clips). The students were detectives and they went to six different exhibits to measure the objects there using the tools available. Although there are definitely areas for improvement, I’m glad I tried something new and the feedback from students were great; They really enjoyed it, had lots of fun, and wanted to continue, which I am super happy about!

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