Review Session | June 2017

June really feels like it just flew by without a trace. June also indicates that I am more than half way through my program, and that if I have made it this far, then I will pass my program and be able to successfully graduate and walk across the stage one more time.

As for what I have been up to in the month of June, I’ve mainly been on another practicum – or rather a field / work experience in an educational sector that does not need to be a school. I chose to do my field experience at a zoo and helped the zoo develop teacher resources and materials for pre, during, and post field trips, as well as lead school tour programs ranging from preschool to secondary students. All the staff were so welcoming, kind, and helpful, and I got along great with my partner. We were able to work together most of the time and create fun memories together as we went behind the scenes and rode on the zoo train. I had a great time and further developed my skills as a teacher along the way. It was an amazing experience and one that I would do again.


A snippet of my first day at the zoo and decorating the area with sidewalk chalk (it looked much more impressive at the end as we covered more area with the help of kids).

After three weeks of my field experience at the zoo, I packed for my booked flight out of Vancouver and into the land of amazing food, culture, art, and shopping, or also known as Japan. We were there for eight days, and we landed in Tokyo first, but took the shinkansen right away to Osaka where we stayed for three days before going back to spend the rest of our trip in Tokyo. I will have separate blog posts for each day of exploring… as soon as I get some time to edit all the pictures we took. Hopefully it won’t take me all summer!

But, now that it is the beginning of July, I realize how quickly the year has passed by – it has already been half a year! Hopefully by this time next year, I will be on summer break as an official teacher!

Now moving on to my monthly goals…

  1. Get to know someone better in my cohort program. Since school is back in session for the summer now, I have a better chance of communicating and collaborating with my peers. I hope to do this by consistently and constantly communicating with my peers not just during class time, but also outside of class time (e.g., lunch time, breaks).
  2. Reach out to other people from other cohorts. Unfortunately, I don’t really see this happening as easily as my other goals because the cohorts are quite secluded during the summer as we don’t share any courses together. However, having said that, I would like to reach out to friends I know that are in other cohorts and just catch up with them.
  3. Establish and maintain relationships with my instructors. This will be easier for instructors that I will see on a daily basis, but not so much for those that will not be teaching a course. Nevertheless, I hope to continue to maintain a positive relationship with the instructors that are currently teaching by making small talk with them whenever possible. I also enjoy conversing with them as they tend to share a lot of knowledge on teaching, the latest updates from school districts, and just funny things happening or already happened around them or to them.
  4. Create a fun and safer learning environment for my practicum class. Now that my practicum is over, all I can do for this goal at hand is to think of more ways to achieve this for when I have my own classroom (or when I’m substituting).
  5. Create work that I am proud of. Now that it is summer and I have slightly more time on my hands (knock on wood), I hope to expand this goal outside my educational peripheral and include areas of interests, such as art and photography.

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