Japan Series: Osaka (Day 1)

We landed in Tokyo, then took the shinkansen to Osaka. It was night time when we arrived at our hotel, so we didn’t start exploring until the next day.


The first place we went to was the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. We saw sea creatures that we didn’t have back home, and was able to watch a feeding show. The aquarium was very big and had an extremely deep tank that housed all sorts of different animals. We had to continuously walk down a spiral-like hallway to reach the bottom. It was an astounding experience.





We also went on a ferris wheel ride after our okonomiyaki lunch where we had an amazing view of the city.






Our next stop was the famous Osaka Castle (which also appeared in my favourite anime, Detective Conan) where we walked off our lunch in its surrounding areas and inside the castle itself. We learned about the history of the castle, and bits and pieces of Japanese history in general. There were some very cool artifacts on display, including gorgeous artworks. We also saw my brother and his two friends by total coincidence here as well. B and I had talked about “wouldn’t it be funny if…,” but didn’t really expect to see my brother, so we were all very surprised and speechless when it did! It must be in our sibling fates to meet even when travelling.




Afterwards, we went to our last tourist-y spot of the day, which was the Umeda Sky Building conveniently located very close to our hotel. We checked out the views from the top of this building on their rooftop observatory, and saw a very cute love lock area. Unfortunately, we didn’t contribute, but hopefully we’ll be able to do something like this another time.




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