San Francisco Series: de Young Art Museum

Our last stop in San Francisco (and finally completing the series – whew!) was de Young Art Museum. Having been somewhat accustomed to – what I thought was – Vancouver’s large Art Gallery, I was even more impressed at de Young museum where it seemed that people could easily get lost from one another. There were…… Continue reading San Francisco Series: de Young Art Museum

Bharti Kher: Matter

Although the feature exhibition was Picasso and his muses, there were more exhibitions to check out on the upper levels of the Vancouver Art Gallery. B and I took a look and walked through Bharti Kher: Matter artwork. Although Picasso’s paintings were fascinating, Kher’s multimedia work was also captivating in its own ways. The pieces were intriguing…… Continue reading Bharti Kher: Matter

Stephen Waddell: Next: Dark Matter Atlas

Continuing on from Picasso, B and I also checked out Stephen Waddell’s photo exhibition at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Over the past two decades the Vancouver-based artist Stephen Waddell has become widely known for his photographs and paintings that address urban space, particularly his depictions of the human figure in the modern city. This exhibition…… Continue reading Stephen Waddell: Next: Dark Matter Atlas

Picasso: The Artist and His Muses

B and I went to the Vancouver Art Gallery because there was a special exhibition that focused on not just a certain artist, but his muses as well. The exhibition featured works by Picasso, all of which had backstories based on his six relationships with six different women. Known for his enormous contribution to the canon of great…… Continue reading Picasso: The Artist and His Muses