Celebration of Light: US (Disney)

This year, I went to only one of the Celebration of Light events, namely the one that everyone was excited about: the United States as represented by Disney. Before we got to English Bay Beach, we got some early dinner at Peaceful Restaurant. The food was really nice and we were stuffed. On our walk…… Continue reading Celebration of Light: US (Disney)

Canada Day 2016

(Note: Some of these pictures are taken by B.) This past weekend was Canada Day and I celebrated it with B. We met up after lunch and headed down to where all the festivities were happening. Even while transiting, we could see the national colours being wore by a majority of the people. But, it…… Continue reading Canada Day 2016

Rollerblading at Stanley Park

Yesterday, B and I re-experienced our one year anniversary together by going rollerblading at Stanley Park. We first got a late, late brunch at IHOP, then worked it off at Stanley Park. It was a sunny day – a bit windy and chilly at times, but no rain (!), so it was a great day for…… Continue reading Rollerblading at Stanley Park

Two Year Anniversary

B and I recently celebrated our two year anniversary. We had to postpone our anniversary date because of our exam schedules, but fortunately, it landed on another special date for us. We met up at the Vancouver Art Gallery for their “biggest exhibition yet,” MashUp: The Birth of Modern Culture. It featured artworks by Pablo…… Continue reading Two Year Anniversary

Valentine’s Day 2016

On Valentine’s Day, B and I went to IHOP to grab brunch. I got my regular order of a typical brunch dish and B got a crepe. After we were stuffed, we left for Downtown to walk around a bit before our movie showing time. B had bought tickets for Deadpool and I was excited…… Continue reading Valentine’s Day 2016