Beach, please.

On Sunday, B and I spent the day at Jericho beach after grabbing brunch at IHOP. I got my usual Breakfast Sampler, and B had one of their new dishes that had chicken, bacon, and potatoes, drizzled with hollandaise sauce. Once we were full, we grabbed some stuff at the mall, then continued our journey to the…… Continue reading Beach, please.

Food Travel: Suika

Suika, the Japanese word for watermelon, was where B and I had our delicious dinner on Sunday after a fun and relaxing day at Jericho beach. The last time we came here, we had ordered their Deluxe “Suika Box”. They described this box as a jewelry box as it contains nine kinds of appetizers. Just like last…… Continue reading Food Travel: Suika


Season 6 for Suits came out last month, and B and I finally watched the first two episodes today! I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but there were already a couple scenes that made it unbearable to continue – not because it was bad, but because of the plot line which seemed to…… Continue reading #DATENIGHT | 010


B and I went out on Sunday to catch the movie, Bad Moms. It was a great flick and, although it was a bit inappropriate at times (especially a certain scene with a certain pink hoodie), it had many laugh out loud moments. I especially enjoyed the music video-like scenes, as well as how the film portrayed moms,…… Continue reading #DATENIGHT | 009