Food Travel: Seattle Series

B and I enjoyed our time leisurely in Seattle after we got back from Los Angeles – meaning we ate a lot of good food and walked around downtown (and finally watched Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them!). First off, Din Tai Fung – obviously. Before watching Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, we went…… Continue reading Food Travel: Seattle Series

Food Travel: Blueacre Seafood

For B’s birthday this year, we celebrated it in Seattle. It was harder for me to plan something in advance because I didn’t know the area well, so I had to book the restaurant last minute. But now that I have experience in Seattle, I can step up my game tenfold for next year! We dined at…… Continue reading Food Travel: Blueacre Seafood

Seattle Series: Sherlock Holmes Exhibition

Before I went to Seattle, B had snapped me a picture of a banner at the Pacific Science Center displaying their current exhibition on Sherlock Holmes. Obviously, I had to go, see, and experience the exhibition. After all, it is Sherlock Holmes we’re talking about. I’m really happy that we went because it was a lot…… Continue reading Seattle Series: Sherlock Holmes Exhibition

Seattle Series: Pacific Science Centre

B and I went to the Pacific Science Centre and I had a lot of fun. It is very similar to Vancouver’s Science World with their body/kinetic exhibition, bugs exhibition, and some puzzle stations. This is an interactive “healthy eating” station at the science centre, and B and I spent some time here trying to…… Continue reading Seattle Series: Pacific Science Centre

Food Travel: Din Tai Fung

My first experience at Din Tai Fung while in Seattle was amazing to say the least. Although we had to wait a bit, it didn’t feel that long since it was located at the University Village and we walked around the stores until they called us. I really hope that Din Tai Fung will open sometime…… Continue reading Food Travel: Din Tai Fung

Seattle Series: University of Washington

Over the past weekend, I hopped onto the bus from Vancouver to Seattle to visit B and to celebrate his birthday. I arrived at night, so we just finished watching Suits and decided to explore the next morning. The next day, B brought me to the University of Washington to explore. We walked around the campus…… Continue reading Seattle Series: University of Washington