7. Welcome to the Family

6 new chicks were introduced to the Family today and they are the chirp-est things ever. There is already a chick with strong presence and survival instincts that we have named the "Boss". She is the first to eat, and the first to drink. Others follow after her. A red tinted beak, very charismatic.


I moved out of residence yesterday and last night was my first time back. It made me really nostalgic and made me miss my home a lot. But, when the feelings settle down and it comes down to it, I think I preferred my room at the university more than my room back home. However, … Continue reading 4.


I went out today because I did not want to study. I'm glad I did because I bought a really nice black hi-low dress from Urban Outfitters. Reduced from 59$ to 10$! I went to a candy shop with my friend as well and there were a lot of candies to choose from! In the … Continue reading 3.


I went out for dinner tonight and took a walk back home. The night sky was beautiful and the walkway lights illuminated the atmosphere. It was a great night for an after dinner walk. It made me remember the days when I would take walks after dinner with my family, gazing at the night sky … Continue reading 2.