10. A New Member

Yesterday, a new member joined our family by the name of Mother Hen. She was slightly injured so was brought back to heal, while hopefully looking after the young ones. However, as this is her first time being a Mother, I think she is lost to what she's suppose to do. All she does is … Continue reading 10. A New Member


9. DIY Day

This morning, I took some tees that I bought a long time ago but never wore because they were quite boring. But, I spiced them up today with a simple technique - making bows on the back! It was a lot easier than I thought, but very time consuming! I used a ruler and chalk … Continue reading 9. DIY Day

7. Welcome to the Family

6 new chicks were introduced to the Family today and they are the chirp-est things ever. There is already a chick with strong presence and survival instincts that we have named the "Boss". She is the first to eat, and the first to drink. Others follow after her. A red tinted beak, very charismatic.


I moved out of residence yesterday and last night was my first time back. It made me really nostalgic and made me miss my home a lot. But, when the feelings settle down and it comes down to it, I think I preferred my room at the university more than my room back home. However, … Continue reading 4.