B and I went out on Sunday to catch the movie, Bad Moms. It was a great flick and, although it was a bit inappropriate at times (especially a certain scene with a certain pink hoodie), it had many laugh out loud moments. I especially enjoyed the music video-like scenes, as well as how the film portrayed moms,…… Continue reading #DATENIGHT | 009


Once I finished work today, I worked out with a co-worker before getting a ride from her to meet up with B for dinner. We went to Wings Tap & Grill and were told that they had changed their Sunday wings special to include Wednesdays as well! What a pleasant surprise. We ordered three different types…… Continue reading #DATENIGHT | 008

Weekend Wonders | 009

This weekend, B and I hung out with the same friends again, and we watched a movie together on Friday. It was an unexpected movie and the actors and actresses in the movie crushed my innocent childhood dreams about them; It had Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Adam Devine, and lastly, Sugar (from YTV). The movie…… Continue reading Weekend Wonders | 009

Food Travel: Choco Coo Cafe

A friend of B and mine has been eager to go to Choco Coo Cafe for dessert ever since he heard about it, but when we hang out, we never seem to get a chance to go. He’s been obsessed with going there – showing us pictures and elevating our expectations each time. So, on…… Continue reading Food Travel: Choco Coo Cafe

Richmond Outing

There is a land where dinosaurs still roam. Located near the seas, in a land called Richmond. Or, more specifically, at an area where the Richmond Night Market is held. This was our main event for this outing, but before we got to our happy final destination, we grabbed lunch first at Deer Garden. Once…… Continue reading Richmond Outing