Reading Challenge: Poles Apart

Another book, another amazing and enlightening read by Terry Fallis. Poles Apart tells the story of a gender equality supporter who isn’t able to enjoy that bliss of taking off their chest constriction device after a hard day’s work, but instead, swigs his beer while writing thoughtful and viral blog posts for Eve of Equality.…… Continue reading Reading Challenge: Poles Apart

Reading Challenge: No Relation

After 15 years, a NYC copywriter is suddenly fired, and single. But his worst trouble? Meet Earnest Hemmingway, bedeviled by moniker of famous author Ernest Hemingway. Earnest’s father pressures him to come home and help run the family clothing business. As a complex familial battle plays out, Earnest’s inherited name leads him in unexpected directions.…… Continue reading Reading Challenge: No Relation

Reading Challenge: Up and Down

Up and Down was a different kind of read – not because it was a different writing style than what Terry Fallis usually employed, but because it was about a totally different topic than one I was accustomed to: space travel. I had originally purchased all of Fallis’ books without reading any of their summaries,…… Continue reading Reading Challenge: Up and Down

Reading Challenge: The High Road

Following The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis, the characters in The High Road are again enveloped in the political sphere. The story narrates their adventures and all the interesting new characters that they meet. I was suppose to start reading this after my exams were over because I knew that I would be so immersed…… Continue reading Reading Challenge: The High Road

Reading Challenge: The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans is a hilarious satirical book on two merry men and their adventure in Canadian politics. Terry Fallis uses satire in his writing to  poke fun at Canadian politics, and does so in a non-boring manner. While reading this book, whenever I put it down, I found myself constantly looking forward to…… Continue reading Reading Challenge: The Best Laid Plans