Food Travel: Jinya Ramen Bar

I had heard about Jinya Ramen a few years ago, but never checked it out until recently with a friend. My friend and I both had their JINYA Tonkotsu Black, and we added a combo. I got the pork gyoza combo while my friend had their Tokyo curry rice. The ramen was very different from…… Continue reading Food Travel: Jinya Ramen Bar

Bharti Kher: Matter

Although the feature exhibition was Picasso and his muses, there were more exhibitions to check out on the upper levels of the Vancouver Art Gallery. B and I took a look and walked through Bharti Kher: Matter artwork. Although Picasso’s paintings were fascinating, Kher’s multimedia work was also captivating in its own ways. The pieces were intriguing…… Continue reading Bharti Kher: Matter